Chlorine smell in pool means you need more….

Everyone has been by a pool whether it was in a backyard, hotel, gym, or school. You remember that familiar smell of the pool. Well that smell of chlorine is actually not chlorine but the chloramines. Chloramines are the chemical compound of chlorine molecule and a pathogen. Pathogens mainly being, sweat, urine, or oils.

The Chemistry of Chloramines

When the pool gets a lot of use, swimmers bring in many pathogens. Chlorine is added to the water to disinfect and kill any potential germs or illness. When the free chlorine molecule binds with a pathogen to kill it, a smell is produced. To get rid of the smell you have to add more chlorine to the pool or what is known as “shocking it” which will destroy the chloramines.

Itchy Red Eyes

Swimmers complaining with irritating red eyes and itchy skin will often say that the chlorine level in the pool is too high. When pool water is irritating it is almost always because there is not enough free chlorine in the pool. Understanding the difference between free chlorine, combined chlorine, and total chlorine is a very important aspect in caring for your pool.